Candy Jars

Candy Club


Premium candies with delicious and fun flavors inspired from all over the world. Check out the flavors below!

Blush Bears: grape, watermelon, and cherry chewy bears

Peach Hearts: sweet-tart, peach-flavored gummy hearts

Lemonade Rings: strawberry and pomegranate lemonade juicy rings

Triple-Decker Sour Bears: jumbo gummy bears stacked with three tart fruity flavors

Cotton Candy Taffy: soft and tender salt water taffy infused with cotton candy flavor

Pink Piglets: sweet and sour raspberry flavored gummy piggies

Rainbow Sour Belts: multi-colored strips of super-sour fruit flavors!

Choco Bears: gummy bears covered in rich and creamy milk chocolate!

You Make Me Flutter: mini gummy butterflies in fruity flavors!

Cookie Dough Bites: chocolate covered vanilla dough bites. 

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