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Welcome to this month's Inside Scoop - The Self Love Club! And a special warm welcome to anyone who is new this month! February is the month of love, and we want to inspire you to practice more love this month. Love for your family, your friends, your neighbors, and yourself! Each item in this box was hand selected to help you up your self-love game, from face masks to eye gels, we've got a box full of items to help you to sit back, relax, and take care of yourself! Plus, we've included an extra item that is meant as a gift for your special Valentine!

We're especially excited to introduce a new brand into our lineup this month - JMA Organic. Follow us on social (@loveandxojulia) to learn more about this amazing new brand, as well as some other new and exciting collaborations. And don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to check out this month's downloads! We hope you're as excited as we are to dig into this awesome box. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and TikTok to tell us what you are absolutely loving this month!

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JMA Organic Hibiscus Mask

Why we love it: This hibiscus clay mask makes your skin look radiant and firm after just one use! Not only is it made with all natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, but it is made by a mother daughter duo in California. Keep one pack of the powder mask for yourself and give one to your friend to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

How to use: Mix one tablespoon of powder with one tablespoon of water, then apply paste to dry skin. Rinse off with warm water after the mask has dried.

JMA Organics Mask Applicator Brush

Why we love it: This eco-friendly bamboo mask applicator is the perfect tool for mixing and applying your new mask. It ensures that your mask goes on evenly across your entire face without getting your hands too messy!

How to use: Mix mask powder and water with brush, and then swipe across your face to apply evenly. Rinse thoroughly after every use, and allow to dry fully before storing.

Mask Mixing Bowl

Why we love it: This silicone bowl makes it easy and mess free to mix your new JMA Powder Mask. Plus, it's silicone material makes it easy to store, rinse out, and travel with!

How to use: Mix water and mask powder together. Rinse or run through dishwasher after use.

Beauty Kitchen Eye Gels

Why we love it: These clean eye gels are refreshing and cooling for your under eyes. They are great to renew tired eyes after a late night or long day at school!

How to use: Apply eye gels to clean skin, place directly under eyes but avoid getting too close to the bottom eye lashes. Leave on for 10 minutes, remove, and dispose!

MakeUp Eraser Spa Headband

Why we love it: There is nothing worse than getting your hair wet while washing your face! We use this soft and fluffy headband when cleansing, for at home facials and when applying make-up!

How to use: Pull your hair back and wear this spa headband right above your hair line to hold back fly aways!

Lavender Bath Bomb

Why we love it: Show your skin some extra love with these lavender heart bath bombs. After a relaxing bath your skin will feel moisturized and extra smooth!

How to use it: Draw a warm bath and drop the heart bomb in. Allow bomb to fully dissolve in the water for the ultimate soothing experience!

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