Hello XO Insider! Welcome to the Inside Scoop - Holiday Box edition! A special warm welcome to We are so excited to welcome so many new XO Insiders this month. We must say, we are totally obsessed with this month's box. It is loaded with some many amazing products that we have already added into our daily skincare and beauty routines! I think what we love the most about this box is that it's the perfect balance between beauty and skincare. From the Exfoliating Face Scrub to the Glossay Lip Gloss, the box has a little bit of everything to add into different parts of your routine! Are you also obsessing over this box?? Share your thoughts with us! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram with everything you love from your box. For those that haven't been to the Inside Scoop before, check out the video below as Megan gives you the deets on what it's all about. And keep scrolling for the exclusive content we've put together this month! Love and XO, Julia

Kitsch Scrunchie

Why we love it: Kitsch is one of our absolute favorite haircare brands. These scrunchies are stylish but they protect your hair from breakage. Add a bit of flare to any up-do with one of your 5 new scrunchies!

How to use it: Scrunchies are the gentle and healthy way to pull your hair back. The extra material protects your hair from breaking when wrapped around it. Wrap loosely around any up-do!

Pure Asana Mascara

Why we love it: We’ve finally found a natural mascara that builds volume and makes your lashes look so long! We love that this mascara leaves a light weight finish without crumbling or clumping.

How to use it: Apply to the eyelashes by starting close to the eye lid, then gently pull through the lashes. Apply a second coat as needed.

Medusa's Makeup Eye Shadow

Why we love it: This loose eye shadow is the perfect way to make your eyes pop! It’s sandy pink color gives your eyes just a hint of brightness, but lots of sparkle.

How to use it: Apply to your lids using a shading brush. It can also be dusted lightly on your cheeks for a little extra shimmer!

OFFA Beauty Shading Brush

Why we love it: According to our in house makeup artist, this is the perfect brush for the Medusa’s Makeup Shadow! It's compact bristles will apply loose shadows to the eye without getting too much all over your face.

How to use: Use this brush to blend in shadow along the crease of your eyelid.

Ella + Mila Nail Polishes

Why we love it: We’ve chosen our two favorite festive shades of this eco-friendly polish. Each color has just a hint of sparkle! Ella and Mila is an amazing brand that has found the balance between clean ingredients and effectiveness!

How to use: Apply two coats for full coverage. Start at your cuticles and gently push down and pull towards the end of your nail.

Love and XO Nail File

Why we love it:Life is not perfect, but your nails can be! Who doesn't want a cute custom nail file in their at home manicure kit?

How to use it: Use this file to prep and shape your nails for the perfect at home mani.


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