Hi there, we're Love and XO Julia.

We are so incredibly excited to welcome you here! Love and XO Julia is a place where life as a teen should feel a little more manageable. Since the beginning, our philosophy has been that knowledge plus access equals confidence. So while you’re here, you will find information on how you or your teen should deal with things like first pimples or periods and shop products to help kickstart self-care in your lives. This time in life is sometimes scary but seriously fun, and we want to be here for every part of it. We hope you are as excited as we are to be on this journey together. 

How It Started

Love and XO Julia started at the kitchen island with a mom, her daughters, and a dear friend. It began with skincare and beauty for teens, but over the last year it has developed into so much more. We are a place for education, connection, and confidence. Learn more about how it all started below.

Who is Julia?

We get this question a lot. And to be honest, Julia can be whoever you need her to be. Sometimes you need a person that will tell it to you straight when you just shouldn’t put something on your skin. Or tell you what to expect with your first period. Someone with awesome tips and ideas who is your go-to for product recommendations and reviews. Someone who is there to answer the questions you just can’t bear asking mom. This is Julia. Julia is here to be that person that builds you up and makes you feel like your best self.

Meet the Women Behind the Brand


Stacia dreamed up Love and XO Julia alongside her daughters. Her vision was to make a place that parents could trust as their kids transform into teenagers. Her expertise in operations and eye for style has made XO Insiders what it is today, and curated collection of clean beauty trusted by parents and loved by teens.

Stacia's Julia Journey

Megan met Stacia over a year ago, and after hearing her idea she immediately knew it was where she needed to be. Today she brings the brand to life through design and marketing, working alongside our creative partners to make Love and XO Julia an inspiring and inviting place.

Megan's Julia Journey