Why Make the Switch to Clean Haircare

Why Make the Switch to Clean Haircare

Here at Love and XO Julia we talk a lot about clean ingredients. We believe that using clean ingredients is essential to the overall health and wellness of our bodies, but especially for teens and tweens. So many products that we use every single day are full of potentially harmful ingredients, and so we are here to educate you on what those ingredients are and what some of the best alternatives are. 

Today, we’re going to help you understand why you should make the switch to clean beauty products, but especially clean haircare. Here are three reasons why we want you to make the switch, and also some products that we think will make that switch even easier!


Products that are made with toxic ingredients or potentially harmful ingredients are risky because they can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. In haircare this is especially true because our scalps are extremely absorbent. Studies have shown that chemicals are absorbed at four times the rate on our forehead and scalp. This means that harsh ingredients in hair care are given a very easy and fast path to our bloodstream!


One study showed the path in which chemicals used in shampoo are exposed to our bodies. While it is very common that our bodies are exposed to these chemicals by absorbing through the skin, this study shows that a large amount of the exposure came from inhaling. This shows that using clean shampoo and conditioner is so important for our bodies overall well being. 


Every single minute of the day shampoo and conditioner get washed down the drain and into your city's water system. This means that if you aren’t using a clean shampoo and it has toxic or potentially harmful ingredients, those ingredients could be entering the water system. In many cases, these chemicals then enter rivers, lakes, or water ecosystems around you. Using clean ingredients in your shampoo and hair care products is not only better for your body, but it’s better for the environment!

If you are interested in making the switch to clean hair care, check out our new Haircare Collection. It includes an assortment of clean products, hair care accessories, and more all selected with teens and tweens in mind!