Who is Julia?

love and xo julia teen subscription box skincare beauty 2021

Since you’ve already made it to this blog, you obviously know that we are Love and XO, Julia. Hello and welcome, thank you for being here. Now that you’ve arrived, are you wondering, “who is Julia”? Well to be quite honest, we get this question a lot. And the fact is, Julia isn’t a real person. There are two women behind this brand, and our names are Stacia and Megan (hey friends!), and contrary to what most people think, there isn’t even anyone in either of our families named Julia!

When Stacia first thought of the idea for Love and XO Julia, her vision was that each box from us would feel like a gift from an older sister, cool aunt, or babysitter. Someone who is always in the know about the best and coolest products. We know that growing into your skin as a teenager is hard. Sometimes it feels like there is no one out there talking directly to you - but during those times, Julia is your go-to gal. 

Julia is whoever you need her to be. Sometimes you need a person that will tell it to you straight when you just shouldn’t put something on your skin. Or tell you how to get rid of your most recent zit. Someone with awesome tips and ideas, your go-to for product recommendations and reviews, or someone who is there to answer the questions you just can’t bear asking mom. This is Julia. 

Our goal is that Julia will help guide teens and tweens through their skincare, beauty, and life journey. She is here to help navigate all things awkward. She should inspire confidence, help tweens and teens make the right decisions around their overall wellness, and be trusted by parents. Whatever you need when it comes to skin, beauty, self love, or just some good inspiration, Julia is here to be that person that builds you up and makes you feel like your best self.