What My 11 & 13 Year Curated For Our Holiday Collection

What My 11 & 13 Year Curated For Our Holiday Collection

When I first started Love and XO Julia, my girls Georgia (13) and Charlotte (11), were at the center of my vision. I wanted to create a place for moms to shop for products that they knew their daughters would love. And of course those products had to clean, quality and age appropriate! 

When I'm buying for the site I am always thinking of my girls, and I usually use them as my final approval. This holiday season was no different, and I actually had them pick out a few items to put on the site for the holiday season. So here are five gifts that have the 11 and 13 year old girl stamp of approval! Add these to your gift list and you are sure to be the cool mom this year.

1. Mini Curls Curling Iron

All three of us we so obsessed with this adorable curler. Both girls thought it would be perfect to bring to dance competitions when they are on the go or to pack on vacation. Did I mention it is ADORABLE?!

2. Ring Paperclip Chain Necklace

Georgia is super into layer jewelry right now and she loved this paper clip chain necklace with the gold ring. It is such a great stocking stuffer!

3. Wild Spirt Fragrance Discovery Kit

Both girls loved this set, and said it was the perfect gift for their girlfriends! At just $20 it also makes a great gift for a cousin or sister. 

4. Mini Leather Jewelry Box

Both of my girls are big jewelry collectors, so they were super excited about this travel jewelry box. Charlotte picked the blush and Georgia loved the teal. Such a great BFF gift or stocking stuffer. 

5. Varsity Patch Duffle 

This duffle is so Charlotte, so it's no surprise that she helped me pick it out for the holiday collection. It's the perfect weekender or sleepover bag!