What is your t-zone?

What is your t-zone?

The word "t-zone" is often thrown around in the skincare world, but do you ever wonder what it means? Well it's a bit more simple than you may think. Your t-zone includes you forehead, nose, and chin, making "T" on your face. So that explains where it is, but why does everyone keep talking about it?

Our skin is made up of thousands of glands that produce oil, and the majority happen to be located in your t-zone. This is why this area of your face is often the first place you start to see your skin change as a teenager. You might notice a pimple for the first time on your forehead or blackheads start to pop up on your nose. Because your t-zone has more glands, more oil is produced, and in turn your pores can become more easily clogged. As your skin begins to change, it's important to understand what this area does and also how to take care of it. So here's three ways you can take care of your t-zone as you become a teenager: 

1. Wash your face every single day. 

Multiple times a day, actually. Washing your face will eliminate the excess oil your t-zone may create, and also purify the skin from dirt, debris, or dead skin cells. We suggest cleansing in the morning, after sweating or exercising, and at night before bed. 

2. Moisturize daily.

Although it seems counter intuitive to add more moisture to your face when it is already oily, this is one of the most crucial steps to managing your t-zone. When you don't moisturize and your skin becomes dry, your skin cells become active and start to create even more oil to compensate for that dryness. So using a moisturizer helps to keep your skin balanced without producing more oil. If you're t-zone is extra oily, avoid cream moisturizers and try a gel instead.

3. Use a clay mask.

Using a clay mask helps to combat oily skin and clear your pores, which helps to prevent breakouts. If you are concerned about your t-zone in particular, you can actually just use a clay mask in that specific area to manage your oily skin. We are obsessed with the Blue Crush Clay Mask from Earth Harbor.

Managing your t-zone is similar to taking care of your entire face, but it's especially important to take care of as your skin changes throughout the teenage years. For more tips, tricks, and tutorials, follow us on TikTok and Instagram (@loveandxojulia).