Throwing the Perfect Teen Holiday Party

Throwing the Perfect Teen Holiday Party

During the holiday season we are always looking for ways to mix up the classic activities. Whether your daughter and her friends are having a white elephant, gift exchange or just a holiday sleepover, we know that the pressure is on when it comes to teens. It’s not the same as it used to be when you could just give them a craft and something sweet and they’d be set! Parties for teens are hard! But we’re here to share some perfect activities and ideas to make your teen holiday party a huge success. Plus, you’ll be supporting some amazing Small & Women-Owned businesses while you’re at it. 

Set the Scene

If a holiday sleepover is on the agenda for your teens, you have to make sure the scene is festive and picture ready. And that’s where we turn to our good friends at Pitch a Fete. They are the party curation experts, and they’ll ship everything you need directly to your doorstep. Picture teepees, sleeping pads and the most glamorous and gorgeous decor. 

Food & Fun

Sweet treats are obviously at the center of any successful holiday party. But we say make the food part of the fun. Our friends at God's Country Provisions sell the most amazing and delicious donut decorating kits, and ship them to your door. Add these to the agenda for an activity your teens will love, and then devour!

Create a Spa Bar

Our daughters are completely obsessed with face masks right now. Aren't yours? but we're using this to our advantage and making an activity out of it for their holiday party. Setting up a "Spa Bar" is such an easy way to entertain teens. Start with masks - we recommend our Black Magic Charcoal Mask and JMA Hibiscus Clay Mask. Make sure you have the manicure essentials, like Polish, Nail Remover Wipes and Decorative Decals. Once this is set, all the teens need is a good holiday movie (the new Home Alone comes out this year!) and they will be entertained for hours. 

Set Up a Photobooth

We all know that half the time teens spend together is filming TikToks. So why not set the perfect scene for them. We're completely obsessed with the collage kits from Tezza. It comes with high quality images printed on paper that can easily be pasted on a wall with sticky tack! This makes it the perfect temporary installation, but we're pretty sure your teen will want to keep it up!

Make Period Packs!

‘Tis the season of giving back! And there's no better lesson to teach teens than to give back. When you have a bunch of teens in one room you can make a big impact. Our friends at TOP the organic project do some amazing work to get period products, a basic necessity for women, into the hands of those in need. Your teen can help them do the same by making period packs with their friends. Purchase the product from TOP, pack the basic necessities for a woman on her period and donate them to a local shelter!