Three Ways to get Beach Waves

Three Ways to get Beach Waves

As we head into summer we are wanted to share our absolute FAVORITE hairstyle - beach waves! There is nothing better than the effortless look of beach’s waves, but there are a few ways to perfect the style. No matter which method you choose, we always recommend using a Sea Salt texturizing spray to give your hair just a bit more body. We love the one from Captain Blankenship and from Earth Harbor because they are both made with clean ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free. You can ship them on our store now. Now onto the good part - how to get the best beach waves at home!

Method 1: use the Bed Head Wave Artist 

The Bed Head Wave Artist is made exactly for beach waves! It’s ceramic plates have a wave in them making it easy to just clamp down and get an even wave! This is a great options for teens doing their own hair as it is simple and effective! 

Method 2: using a flat iron 

For those who don’t want to buy another accessory, you can get great beach waves with a flat iron. Grab a small piece of hair and as you pull from the top to the bottom turn your write back and forth to give your hair a slight bend. Go slowly and don’t clamp down too tightly or it will crease your hair! 

Method 3: sleep in French braids

A super simple way for teens to do their own beach waves is by French braiding their hair before they go to sleep! We recommend braiding hair when it is wet, and allowing it to dry in the braids overnight. In the morning, take out the braids and run through the hair with fingers!


After using any of these methods, finish it off with this Hair Oil. It will keep your waves from looking too frizzy and will boost your hairs strength!