Making Popsicles without Popsicle Molds

Making Popsicles without Popsicle Molds

Sunny days are ahead! And that means we are craving all of the cold, refreshing, and sweet treats. Popsicles are a go to during the summer, and making them is also a very fun activity for teens while they're out of school! While it is super simple to freeze any juice mixture with a popsicle mold like this, there is also a simpler way using things you might already have in your kitchen! We saw this trick on Live Eat Learn and thought it was genius, so obviously wanted to share with our XO Insiders. 

Making Popsicles in a Loaf Pan

Step 1: Create a mixture that you think would make the perfect popsicle! Our go-to is to make a smoothie with whatever frozen fruit we have in the freezer, and turn it into a popsicle.

Step 2: Grab a loaf pan and line it with plastic wrap. Then pour your filling into the pan.

Step 3: Tightly cover the loaf pan with aluminum foil so it doesn't touch the filling. 

Step 4: Make small cuts into the aluminum foil so a popsicle stick can fit through. Make cuts about 1 inch apart. Then insert the popsicle sticks. 

Step 5: Freeze for 6-8 hours.

Step 6: Once frozen solid, warm pan under warm water to loosen. Pull out popsicle loaf with the plastic wrap and set on a cutting board.

Step 7: Using a sharp knife, cut between the popsicle sticks! And just like that, you have a popsicle!

Method and image from Live Eat Learn, check out their site for awesome recipes and more!