Julia Journeys: Stacia

Julia Journeys: Stacia

As you may have heard, Love and XO Julia is named for an idea, not a person. Our goal is for Julia to whoever you need her to be, and we believe that at some point we've all had a Julia in our lives. Sometimes it is one distinct person, and sometimes it's a different person at every phase of your life. We're excited to share the stories of different women in our community who have been influenced by the Julias in their lives! And today we'll share a Julia Journey that is very close to home, from our founder, Stacia!

In naming our box Love and XO Julia, my hope was that we could help all girls feel like they have a Julia—a trusted friend willing to share all the details about all the things.  And my Julia? Well, to be honest I didn’t have just one Julia.  

For me, Julia has been many people from my mom and her three sisters, who all sold Mary Kay Cosmetics (one still drives a pink Cadillac!) and who taught me the importance of self-care to my grandmother who was never without a smile and her signature shade of geranium pink lipstick.  I can’t forget the influence of my best middle and high school friends with whom I shared the moments of our awkward tween and teen years.  In those moments we swapped style tips, learned how to French braid, stole each other’s favorite eyeshadow and laughed (a lot!). Those friendships gave me a trusted and safe place to navigate growing up; I hope every girl has that.  

Today, I am still counting on my Julias, from my girlfriends who tell me what serums they love to my daughters who tell me what jeans I should be wearing.   

Rolled into one, my Julia’s have taught me the value of feeling confident in your skin. I hope that being a part of our community gives you that feeling too!