Julia Journeys: Megan Moran

Julia Journeys: Megan Moran

Since launching Love and XO Julia, we’ve realized that the idea behind Julia is so much bigger than our brand. We believe that everyone has had a “Julia” in their life at some point. Someone who gives advice on face cleansers or recommendations on the best mascara. But even more than that, someone who makes skincare and makeup less intimidating. So we decided to go on a hunt and learn more about all of the “Julias” in the world, who inspire confidence in girls and women, and are helping make self-care a little more fun. Every few weeks, we’ll be sharing a story about one woman and their Julia Journey. We’ll ask them about who their Julia was, who taught them about skincare, makeup, and self-care, and how it made them a more confident woman. But before we go too far, we thought we’d start a little closer to home and share the Julia Journeys of the women behind our brand, Stacia Truax and Megan Moran. 

First up, Megan. 

Hi everyone! I’m Megan, and alongside Stacia, I’ve been on a journey to create what is Love and XO Julia for all of you. I met Stacia almost a year ago through a mutual friend. When Stacia told me the name of the brand, I asked the same question that I’m sure all of you did - “who is Julia?” She told me the story and idea behind Julia and immediately I thought, “I know exactly who my Julia was.” 

I come from a family of four, with just one sister and my parents. And although our household was 75% girls, I was the only one really interested in beauty. So when I wanted to learn more, I knew I couldn’t count on my sister or mom to teach me. Luckily, I have a HUGE extended family. 28 cousins to be exact. I like to say I have a cousin for everything. Oh you need a realtor? Got a cousin for that. A fisherman in Alaska? Got a cousin for that too. When it came to learning about skincare and beauty, I definitely had a cousin for that. And that was my cousin Shannon.

Lucky for me, Shannon was a makeup artist at this time. She worked for a ton of different brands, from Laura Mercier, to MAC, to Origins. Shannon came over before any big event - 8th grade graduation, homecoming, a family wedding - and always did my hair and makeup. She brought me samples from work, gave me the half empty bottles of shampoo she wasn’t going to use, and taught me that I always need to clean my makeup brushes. 

But my favorite part of learning from Shannon was my annual trip to Nordstrom. Every year around Christmas time, my mom would take me to walk the makeup counters with Shannon. I got to try new products, talk to other makeup artists, and build up my vanity for the rest of the year. Looking back, I realize that without Shannon, I never would have approached a makeup counter at a department store. There was something so intimidating about picking out makeup with a stranger, but I had someone I could trust right there with me. She made it a fun and exciting process, and helped me realize that makeup shouldn’t be scary. 

I am so lucky to have had a Julia in my life to guide me through those awkward and scary moments, and that is why I am so excited to be part of this journey. Love and XO Julia is here to help with all the big moments in life. We hope the Julia we are creating helps kickstart your self-care routine and makes all of the awkward moments just a little more manageable.