Five Festive Activities for You and Your Teen

Five Festive Activities for You and Your Teen

Even during the most wonderful time of the year it can feel like pulling teeth to get your teens off their screens and engaged in the season. We get it because we’re experiencing the same thing with our teenage girls! So we decided to schedule some time in our busy holiday schedules to plan some activities to do with our teens, and we thought we’d share them with you! Here are Five Festive Activities to do with your teen this holiday season that will help you connect with your teen and create a little joy for the season. Whether you are looking to plan something fun with your daughter, granddaughter or niece, these are sure ways to kick off the festivities!

1. Decorate Cookies

Decorating cookies is a classic holiday activity, and although it’s something your teen might have shown more interest in when they were younger, it’s still a great way to get them in the spirit. To make it a bit more engaging, let them choose the recipe and be the head pastry chef! Allowing your teen to feel like it’s their activity will help boost their confidence (and engagement) in the activity. Turn on a hip holiday playlist (check out ours!) and get festive!

2. Holiday Themed Mani Session

It seems like our teenage daughters are repainting their nails every other day...anyone else experiencing this? This holiday season we’re taking this as an opportunity to engage with our teen, and let them paint our nails! Have a holiday mani session with your teen and get glammed up for the season. We’re currently obsessing over these Holiday Nail Stickers, and know your daughter will too!

3. Spa & Holiday Movie Night

Help your teen daughter learn the importance of self-care and practice it with her! Pick out your favorite holiday movie (we’re currently loving The Christmas Prince on Netflix), grab some face masks and make a date out of it! Our Snow Glow Gift Set has everything you need for an at home spa night, so make it an early Christmas present for your teenage daughter and use it as a way to connect with her this season. 

4. Make a DIY pom-pom garland

One of our favorite traditions is decorating our daughters' rooms for the holiday. Letting them pick out the decor really gets them excited and even more engaged with the holidays. Last year we made a DIY PomPom Garland that was so easy and so cute! It is a great activity for teens, and even better to do together! Here's our tips on how to make one!

5. Do something charitable!

‘Tis the season of giving back! Showing teens the importance of giving back during the holidays is such an important life lesson. It’s easy to get lost in all of the gifts we want for ourselves, but there’s no better time to give back to others. A cause we’re particularly passionate about at Love and XO Julia is Period Poverty Awareness. Our friends at TOP the organic project do some amazing work to get period products, a basic necessity for women, into the hands of those in need. A great way to give back with your teen is by hosting a TOP Giving Party. Purchase the product from TOP, pack the basic necessities for a woman on her period and donate them to a local shelter!