Extra Moisturizing Winter Self Care Must Haves

Extra Moisturizing Winter Self Care Must Haves

Regardless of you or your teen’s skin type, winter weather often results in drier skin. So, we’ve got you covered from head to toe (literally!) with our super moisturizing winter skincare routine. Follow our routine or switch up the steps to create a unique routine of your own. 

Step 1: Relax while you double up on moisture by adding a Bath Balm to your tub and using our favorite ultra hydrating Raw Juice Face Mask in Pink Dream.

Step 2: We're finding that keeping our faces moisturized without feeling greasy underneath a mask can be tricky. Cue Juice Beauty's Oil Free SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer - truly a clean beauty essential! We also recommend pairing it with their Lip Moisturizer and Mask

Step 3: Supplementing moisture in your hair (especially those ends!) is just as important as your skin. Captain Blankenship's vegan and cruelty free Mermaid Hair Oil adds moisture, gorgeous shine, and helps keep any frizz at bay. 

Step 4: All of the hand washing and hand sanitizer lately have made for extra dry hands and cuticles. Restore moisture overnight with these reusable Spa Gloves. Add an extra boost to your nail beds by applying La Bloom Beauty's Cuticle Oil (toenails, too!). 

Step 5: Last, but certainly not least: don't forget to drink plenty of water! 

Wishing you all hydrated, baby soft skin this winter. :)

With Love and XO,

The LXOJ Team