4 Ways to Dress Up a White T-Shirt

4 Ways to Dress Up a White T-Shirt

As we head into summer, we have been scavenging for the best outfits to dress to impress this season. We asked our very stylish intern, Ava, for her thoughts, and she said that every great outfit can start with a plain white t-shirt. According to Ava, the options are endless when it comes to dressing up a white t-shirt, but she's got four up her sleeve at all times. Here are her top 4 Ways to Dress Up a White T-Shirt.

1. Under a dress.
Adding a white t-shirt as a base layer under a thin-strapped dress is a great way to transition from Spring to Summer. We love to put on a white t-shirt with bright prints and fun patterns like this dress!

2. With a fun base layer.
A great way to add depth to your outfit is by wearing a bold long sleeve under your white t-shirt. We're envisioning a neon color or an animal print turtleneck!

3. With a ton of accessories.
A white t-shirt is like a blank canvas and allows you to be an artist with accessories. Layer chunky necklaces, beaded chokers, and a pair of bright sunglasses with your outfit and you will take your everyday basic to the next level!

4. Paired with wild pants.
More often than not we lean on tops or dresses to add some flare to an outfit, but these days we are loving the trend of fun and playful pants. Keep it simple up top (with a white t-shirt), and make things a bit more spicy with a bold print, bright color, or unique cut on the bottom!

Ava is our in-house fashionista and teen wonder woman. Are you looking for more tips on teen fashion, clean beauty, or just some good old inspiration? Let us know! Send us a note at hello@loveandxojulia.com and we will work on getting your questions answered. If you want your tips to come specifically from Ava, just mention "for Ava" in the subject line!