4 Types of Masks & When To Use Them

4 Types of Masks & When To Use Them

Whether you are looking to reset your skin after a long and tiring weekend, are trying to clear out your pores, or just need a moment of zen in your self-care routine, face masks are here to save the day. There are so many occasions in which a face mask can help your skin and overall wellbeing, but it's not always easy to know which one type you should use. Here is our guide to face masks, which kind is best for your skin type, and what you should use them for!

Clay Masks

Skin Type: Normal to Oily

Clay masks naturally detoxify and purify pores without dehydrating your skin. Because clay masks completely keep oxygen out of your skin, your body will begin to plump your skin in that area. Giving your face a radiant and firm finish!

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Sheet Masks

Skin Type: All

There is a wide range of sheet masks with different formulations, but in general sheet masks are great for hydration. Rather than rinsing after use, allow the extra essence to soak into your skin for some extra moisture! 

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Gel Masks

Skin Type: Dry or sensitive

In general, gel masks offer a soothing and cooling effect that provides extra moisture for dry or sensitive skin types. In general, gel masks are full of antioxidants that help dry or sensitive skin recover from damage. 

Cream Masks

Skin Type: Normal to dry

Cream masks are mostly used for rehydrating normal and dry skin. Typically, they are rich in oils that give your skin that extra oomph!